About David White


A learning & development person by day – and a car enthusiast/cyclist, collector of clocks & watches, and compulsive photographer by night.

My day job focuses on management training and development.  My background gives me much practical experience on which to base a hopefully lively and informed approach to training.

Following university (an enjoyable but fairly pointless degree in English & American Literature) I went into sales and marketing and worked in the automotive, food and chemical industries.

In the early 1980s I was a manager of BT’s pioneering venture into telemarketing, before becoming the director of a direct and database marketing agency in London. I project managed the setting up of a computerised telemarketing bureau.

I moved into management development & consulting work in the early 1990s and developed ongoing projects with the Institute of Direct Marketing and the School of Management of Royal Holloway, University of London. The latter activity involved developing a marketing strategy for the university, which included the creation of external income generating teaching and research services. I also initiated and project managed the college’s new corporate identity. An experience so painful, I promptly left.

I remain a Visiting Lecturer at the University of London and teach management communication and leadership skills at undergraduate level.

For JPMorgan I developed a ground-breaking global in-company MBA programme, which ran for several years.

These days I split my time between commercial and academic clients – giving plenty of variety.

I live in London with my wife Luisa – but end up travelling rather more than planned. But that’s the nature of the job.

My kids have grown up and are both doing much better than their Dad ever did. Jamie White is a very cool website developer/project manager in London. Kat White is helping run a business incubator for eco start ups at Exeter university following a year researching modern business innovation with Bilbao University. Luisa’s sons, Almeric and Anselm are both working hard for society, and the minimum of pay, in the charity sectors.

David can be reached via…

+44 (0)794 1272401


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