The watch and the bicycle

The link between mechanical watches and cars is frequently made in car and watch magazines. But can I make the case for a closer connection – with the humble bicycle?

Here’s 10 reasons why:

  1. DSCF0022Both are driven by human effort rather than fossil fuels.
  2. Both give you the opportunity to marvel at a magnificent gear train or ‘escapement’ that transfers power to the wheels . You’d need a transparent gearbox to do that with a car.
  3. The base movements/gears for both are frequently sourced from a small number of specialist manufacturers. For ETA read Shimano, for Lemania read Campagnola.
  4. But the finished results are very different as individual companies produce unique small volume models.
  5. Both avoid the use of plastics in favour of high grade aluminium, steel or carbon fibre.
  6. Both are minimalist in design – with the emphasis on form following function.
  7. Both are manually operated – with no power assistance to dilute the experience.
  8. Both are subtle refinements of a well established basic design.IMG_1703
  9. Both cost anything upwards of £200 for a good one.
  10. Both can be collected without needing a warehouse to keep them in.

So, if you need to get fit, don’t bother with the gym membership. Buy yourself a bike and use a chronograph to time your rides.

Published by: David White

I do training for a living - but also like talking about cars, clocks, photography, communication and travel. I started off in Sales & Marketing management, but these days I focus on Management Learning & Development - working with both Higher Education and Business. I live in London with my wife Luisa, who is a real teacher.

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